Fishing is not always great on each stream.
It changes according to water levels, temperature and food.
Our family has been fly fishing in Patagonia for more than 30 years. Thanks to this experience
we are able to choose the exact river or lake at the moment of your trip.


Where are we?

We are strategically located in Bariloche, Northern Patagonia, between Chubut and Nequen Provinces,
which have access to 3 different national parks, big and small lakes, mountain and eastern rivers, in no more than a 2-hour driving.
The north is more productive than the south, especially the rivers running to the east.
Trout can get really big in these rivers; the Browns can be over 6 pounds, reaching 18 pounds in some cases.

Closer to the Andes Mountains the rivers are as clear as the air, and probably some of the most beautiful places in the world.
If the river comes straight from snow melting, the water is poor, but if it comes out of a lake the fishing is much better.

Most of the times the lakes have the largest trout.
The smallest lakes are shallow, with the banks covered by reeds and fallen logs, what makes the fishing very interesting.
Brookes can easily get 4 pounds, Rainbows and Browns 6 pounds in these lakes.

Emanuel Medina

Profesional fly fisherman

Traful 254, Bariloche