Manso River

It starts in the heart of the Nahuel Huapi National Park, in the Cerro Tronador. It has several sections, the lower is the best choice for fishermen. They are 18km of river, where access is almost impossible from the coast. Without doubt one of the most beautiful landscapes of Patagonia, with crystal clear water as never seen before.
The geomorphology of the Manso varies constantly from class II + rapids, deep runs, others very low and fast, to pools where the water almost does not run.
The float of this section begins on Lake Steffen, where if we are lucky we will see a hatch of midges that will put a good number of rainbow trout, practically at our fingertips. This does not make them easier to catch, because these midges are size 22 and the trout become super selective.
Once in the river, the fishing will be essentially with floating lines, and nymphs or dries. The bead head prince and pheasant tail works great. Attractors, such as Madame X or Stimulator give good results as well, and more chances to catch a resident brown.
In some sectors of the river, we will find large pools, with rainbows cruising close to the surface. In those pools, we shrink the fly and lengthen the leader. A Mayfly Spinner size 18 it´s could deceive these selective rainbows.