Chimehuin River

The Chimehuín is a medium-sized river that flows out of Huechulafquen Lake for about 40 miles till it joins the Aluminé, giving rise to the Collón Curá. Fishing was excellent here in the past, and added to its extraordinary formation, made the Chimehuín the most famous river for fly fishing in Argentina. Today it’s one of the best-studied rivers with the greatest amount of available information.
The Chimehuín yields Rainbow and Brown troutweighing from 1 to 6 pounds. Although trout average from 1 to 6 pounds, it’s not unusual to land 13-pounders or even larger fish.
We often chose the low section of the Chimehuin for expeditions because it´s has hard access, giving as result low fishing pressure. The lowest part has the best fishing by far. The fishing conditions are quite stable during the whole season.
All fishing techniques are successful on this section. So in case of doing an overnight fishing trip, you will have the chance of trying a bit of everything, and catch quantity of rainbows and some bigger browns.