Pichileufu River

Pichi in Mapuche language (the indigenous people of Patagonia) means small, and Leufu means river.
The Pichileufu is nearly an hour's drive from Bariloche, in an area called Steppe. It is a desert, where vegetation and landscapes are very different from those closest to the Andes. Here reigns volcanic rock formations and small canyons formed by spring streams. On the way to the river we will see "Los Juncos" Natural Reserve. A small lagoon, with were nest many different kind of birds. The railway station Perito Moreno The geomorphology the "Pichi" makes it perfect for fly fishing. With the right level of water, there is a fish behind each rock. The best time to visit this beautiful river is November and December.
It´s the smallest river we fish in the area. Due to its small size it´s convenient to wade it, most times in shorts and sandals. Light equipment it´s hardly recommended, such as a 4 or 5 weight rod. It is an ideal place to refine our fishing techniques, use a floating line and search through our dry flies box. On sunny days, a grasshopper hitting the water right under cliffs will let you catch the largest browns of this river!!