Fonk Lake

These Lake is located in the heart of Nahuel Huapi National Park. It has very hard access, sometimes impossible, even with the best vehicles.
When you get there, Carlos Cowes a very friendly ranger gives you the welcome. You won´t believe there is someone living there!!
You can fish this lake with a motor boat or with a catarraft. The banks are lined with trees and fallen logs, this makes the wading impossible.
During the spring the fishing is great. If you are looking for big browns, we recommend to fish with sinking lines and big streamers, casting between the fallen logs. That’s their territory and they protect it very aggressively.
Personally, I love to follow the bank with the boat, looking for rising fish. Most times they are brookes, they can easily reach the 4 pounds in these lake. We use big rubber dragonflies to catch them. You have to cast the dry fly a few meters away from the fish and shake the tip of the rod, you will see them coming. Sometimes it´s hard to set the hook with this big rubber flies, but anyway is the most fun fishing!!
During the hottest months of summer, the fishing is harder. Unless you stay till 7 pm, when a caddis hatch starts. You must be ready because it won´t last more than half an hour.