This fish come from the huge Nahuel Haupi Lake to the Limay River for spooning. They are the same as the sea run brown trout. After a few years in the lake they get massive, they feed on huge Pancoras (king of Patagonian crab) and small bite fish, Puyens.

Chasing Brown Trout can be so chalenging as you imagine. They are so selective and smart, that having a professional local guide, makes the diference.

We can fly fish migratory Brown Trout at the Limay river, from late March until end of May, when the season closes. As you aproach to the end of the season, there are more boats on the river, so we recommend end of March and April for your fishing trip.


  • Full Day (from 8:30 AM to 6:30 PM): USD 390
  • Half Day (from 8:30 AM to 2:00 PM): USD 310
Rates are per boat, one or two anglers


  • English Speaking fishing guide
  • Transportation to and from your accommodation
  • Fishing Boat (customized drift boat)
  • Lunch (for full day anglers): Argentinean steak & organic Malbec wine
  • Snacks & Beverages
  • All the Fly Fishing Gear needed

Not Included

  • Fishing license USD 15 (we can provide it)
  • Gratuities
  • Trout Bariloche
  • Can I do it if I´ve never fished before?

We will be happy to teach you. Our team of patient professional guides will turn you into an expert in no time.

  • Trout Bariloche
  • I don´t have any gear. Do you provide it?

We provide all the fishing and camping gear for no extra charge. We provide Orvis reels, waders and boots, Bvk TFO rods, Scientific Anglers lines and local flies.

  • Trout Bariloche
  • Do you allow non-fishing companions?

Floating the Manso River is one of the best ways of seeing the Nahuel Huapi National Park. We strongly recommend you to invite your non-fishing companion to this trip.

  • Trout Bariloche
  • Do the guides speak English?

Speaking fluent English is a must to be part of Trout Bariloche team.

  • Trout Bariloche
  • Will the guides be friendly?

The guides at Trout Bariloche will always be close, coaching you, helping and trying to improve your fly fishing skills. Always predisposed to answer your questions, our guides are basically fly fishing teachers and companions.

  • Trout Bariloche
  • What to bring?

Sun hat
Strong sunscreen
Lip balm
Sun glasses
Rain jacket
Comfortable shoes

The migratory Brown Trout are very similar to Atlantic salmon. Both species act very similarly, they prefer long-tail pools, deep water behind river structures, like rocks or logs, and suddenly fast water for chasing minnow. Brown Trout have fed on the Nahuel Huapi lake for years before coming back to their mother river, Limay in front of Bariloche.

We are one of the only local outfitters in Bariloche with real experience in this kind of fishing, and with appropriate gear to guide you. Our guides are local anglers, who spend every fall on the river, fly fishing for these huge browns.

You use fast-thinking lines and streamers almost all the time, with some chances of using big dry flies. They will give you the right fly.

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